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May 16, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Link-Up!

You know this booze canoe can't pass up an opportunity to think about or talk about drankin'.

I'm linking up today with a couple of fancy boozehounds, Brew Mama, and Hopelessly Ever After, and sharing a go-to weekend cocktail.

Hopelessly Ever After 

Let's do this.

This recipe is a bit involved and rather custom.
It was handed to me at work as we cut loose early on Fridays and make drinks.
It's a bit spicy and a bit I would hold off attempting this on the fly.
But let me tell's deee-licious...and totally worth it!!

A kick in the pants!!

It's called a Faust Pact
(here's a WIKIPEDIA link as to how the name came about)

Ingredient List:
  * Jalapeno
  * Angostura bitters
  * Basil and Ginger infused simple syrup
  * Dry Gin - I used Hendrick's-
I don't recommend Bombay Sapphire
  * Rum
  * Lemon
  * Sugar Cubes
  * Ground cayenne pepper

  * Slice the jalapeno into a good 1/8 inch slice.  Take that slice and
about 10 dashes of bitters, muddle. Pour into a shaker.
  * Combine 1 sugar cube and the juice of 1/2 lemon.
Muddle and add to shaker.
  * 1 part infused simple syrup
  * 1 part gin
  * 1 part rum
  * Shake....Shake some more...
  * Pour into martini glass and garnish with a bit of ground cayenne pepper

Ginger and Basil Simple Syrup:
Bring 1 cup of water to a boil then add 7-9 basil leaves and 10-15
slivers of fresh ginger, 1 cup of sugar. Let simmer for 10 minutes then
remove from heat and let cool. You can store this in the fridge for a
few weeks before it goes off -
usually the mold on top is a good sign you shouldn't use it.

And as you can see, they were a huge hit with the ladies at a party I threw!
(The boys wussed out and drank beer all night)

Boozin TBags. Out.

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