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Hello! I'm Tia. Welcome to my blog!

I started to write way back in 2012
We wanted to expand our family, but found it was a tad harder than we thought.
Let me introduce you to the rest of our (current) family.

This is Mark.
We met in 2005. It was love at first site, and the rest is history!

We have one French Bulldog (Crash) in Heaven, one English Bulldog (Burn), and one Maincoon Cat (Cat).  They are the biggest pain in my ass and I love them to death.  Every gray hair that has grown in is because of them. 
If you want dogs that are the stupidest and most stubborn, but have the biggest heart and will slobber you to death....then bulldogs are for you.

We tried to make a baby au natural for a couple of years, only to realize it might never happen.
We went through all the normal preliminary testing and nothing was glaringly wrong.

We completed three rounds of medicated Clomid cycles in 2014 - all failures.
After the third we decided to move forward with our first IUI in January 2015.

The RE suggested genetic testing, just to have in our back-pocket.
The blood work revealed we are both genetic carriers for MCAD.

Fast forward to 2016. We are throwing a Hail Mary and attempting IVF along with PGD/PGS testing.

Here is our timeline:

January - Re-do preliminary testing/blood-work/consultations

February - Complete genetic saliva testing for both sets of parents, begin PGD probe set-up

March - Complete 5 week PGD probe set-up

Early April- Results come back that I have lower ovarian reserve.
April - Begin IVFx1 Stims/ Antagonist Protocol

Early May - IVFx1 Egg Retrieval. 6 retrieved, 3 fertilized. 0 made it to Day-5 Blastocysts
Late May - IVFx2 begins/ Antagonist Protocol

Early June - IVFx2 Egg Retrieval. 7 retrieved, 2 fertilized. 1 made it to Day-5 Blastocyst.
This embryo is biopsied and frozen.
Rest of June - Birth control pills 

July - IVFx3, Microdose Lupron protocol
Egg Retrieval. 16 retrieved. 10 fertilized. 4 made it to Day-5 Blastocyst.
These four are biopsied and frozen and join the other blast.

August - PGD testing commences. 2 weeks til results
Mid-August - Results come in! They are good!
Late August- Prep for FETx1

Early September - Birth control ends
9/10 - Lupron ends
9/11 - FET meds are in full force
9/16 - FET Transfer scheduled!
9/27 - Beta: Negative

October: Recovery/Prep month

November: FET #2 - 11/2
11/14 - Beta #1 - Positive! 435
11/16 - Beta #2: 1,119

12/26 - Miscarriage, 10w3d

2017: Healing and Moving Forward

In our spare time, we renovate our 100 year old home.

You will also find us outside most of the time.
Summer time by the water is our absolute favorite!

Thank you for reading about our journey!